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It’s rare to find a talent whose dedication and precision is matched with a wit, grace, and integrity that inspires the work beyond expectations. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emma for many years, and her attention to detail continuously honors my vision, giving each world a life of its own.
— Jonas Akerlund, Director

With a reputation for strong décors and design aesthetic, Emma Fairley is known in Hollywood as a detail oriented Production Designer who comes from the multiple layered European tradition of decorating with narrative.  She has contributed to many high profile campaigns in Europe and the United States and has been nominated for two years consecutively for Best Production Designer Award with the Art Director’s Guild for her work with Coldplay (2015) and Madonna (2016).

Emma designed her first feature, “The Anniversary Party” fifteen years ago in a film collaboration with Directors Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming.  The film went onto accrue international attention and won awards in Best Independent Film sector (Spirit Awards)  and “Un certain Regard” at Cannes (2002).  This venture took Emma to France for the next three years where she worked on multiple campaigns and fashion editorials, curating a sensibility for theatrical trends in fashion and advertising.

Working over the years in long standing relationships with her directors and photographers, Emma has worked in close collaboration with reputable directors curating a portfolio that shows dimension and strength that relies on art historical reference, contemporary ideas in fashion and is most notable for it’s sense of fearlessness in color and originality.  Emma would say that fabric, color and texture plays the largest role of character in her sets.

Her most recent feature film work has been Lords of Chaos directed by Jonas Åkerlund and filmed in Hungary and Norway.  It was produced by RSA Films, Scott Free, Vice and Twentieth Century Fox.  It is a period film and has expected release in January 2019.  Also, a Netflix film starring Mads Mikkelson and Vanessa Hudgens called Polar that will see international release in February 2019.

 Emma is based in Los Angeles and works worldwide.   Fluent in French and English.  Spanish spoken.